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LCCM School of Nursing envisions itself as an internationally recognize center of excellence in Catholic Nursing Education.

LCCM BSN Program subscribes to a Catholic Nursing Education. It endeavors to provide the opportunities for men and women to become high-quality professional nurses that can function effectively in an ever-changing society both locally and abroad. The School aims to teach its students the value of intellectual skills and to help them develop critical thinking abilities so that they can make choices based on knowledge and unbiased evaluations; to recognize personal growth, a heightened sense of responsibility, a concern for people; to educate the students to recognize and appreciate diverse cultural value system through studies in the liberal arts and sciences; to familiarize the students with resources of future learning, so that they can adapt to the increasing complexity of professional responsibility and to promote learning as a life-long commitment.

LCCM's BSN Program was opened in 2002 offering a 2 + 2 curriculum: two years of ASHE Program and two years of Nursing Major to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The nursing school is housed in a newly erected building complete with modern learning facilities that will provide our nursing students a competitive edge in global nursing practice.

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