Perpetual Succor Hospital - Corporate - Hospital's Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Quality Policy (ISO 9001)




» To Provide total quality individualized healthcare to every patient at a better value.

» To perpetuate a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will foster a community of patients, physicians and staff members who are physically, mentally and ethically vigorous



» To gain leadership in the field of maternity cases, in terms of innovations achieved and quality services as well as comfort delivered to patients at least expense to them.

» To achive optimum levels across all medical services and maintain competency with tertiary general hospitals.



» We at PSHM care instinctively for our patients, guests, and colleagues as naturally as we breathe. All our inputs (plans and actions) emanate genuine concern which translates into quality and personalized output.


» We know our responsibilities by heart and we give our best in whatever we do. Every action is well thought-out. We plan the care of our patients. We put our skills and knowledge into practice.


» We are not afraid of trading our old tried and true ways with new fangled concepts that would further improved the quality of our service and the effectivity of the dominant culture. At PSHM, there is always room for creative improvements and growth.


» We at PSHM, treat patients, visitors, and business partners with utmost courtesy and respect. We value our reputable corporate image. All company transactions are legitimate. We maintain healthy competition with other hospitals. Our company members are trained to keep the company's reputation virtuous. We are every ounce worth our customers' confidence.


» We at PSHM are success-driven. We focus on realistic goals instead of worrying about hindrances. We do not give up easily. We combine our resources and skills and help each other to overcome our weaknesses. We then, try to improvise to make things work. The triumph of one belongs to all.


» As members of one family, we all learn to accept everyone's weaknesses. We know that everyone has valid and special contribution to the company. We transcend our personal differences to work as a team because the inner workings of the operations depend on this. In the end, the exercise of tolerance and cooperation will result to everyone's social and professional maturity.




Provide total quality health care individualize to every patient and customers at very affordable and reliable services

Establish a culture of an effective quality management system that will consistently comply with ISO 9001 requirements and regulatory requirements.

Continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by achieving the following:

1. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

2. Maintaining a team of competent and professional staff.

3. Maintaining and upgrading of equipments and facilities.

4. Monitor and measure the performance of each department for continual improvement of the system.

5. Maintaining a quality training program for all PSHM staff.

6. Maintain and observe effective management systems through strict implementation of the management programs such as Management Review.