1. Proceed to Administration Office located in the ground floor and look for the Medical Support


2. Fill-out the Visiting Physician Bio-Data


3. Accomplish requirements checklist


3.1 Letter of Intent address to the Medical Director and Department Chairperson

3.2 Curriculum Vitae

3.3 Medical Diploma (Xerox copy)

3.4 PRC certificate (Xerox copy)

3.5 PRC ID (Xerox copy)

3.6 Residency Certificate (Xerox copy)

3.7 Specialty Board Certificate (Xerox copy)

3.8 2 Letters of Recommendation from PSHMI Consultant; Department Chairperson of other hospital

3.9 2x2 ID picture colored

3.10 TIN number


4. Submit properly filled-out Visiting Physician Bio-Data form and other requirements to the Medical Support Staff located in the Administration Office


5. Follow-up with the Medical Support Staff regarding the schedule of interview by the Medical Director and Department Chairperson