1. Patient or his/her companion will verify with nurse-on-duty when Attending Physician advised patient that he/she may go home.


2. Once advised by Attending Physician as may go home, please submit the complete requirements for Philhealth deductions or any HMO if applicable.


3. Fill-up the Customers Feedback Form properly and submit it to the Cashier Clerk during bill settlement.


4. Upon completion of requirements, secure patients itemized Statement of Account and Attending Physician proffessional Fee from Billing Clerk .


5. Once your hospital bill is settled, proceed to nurse station and ask the nurse-on-duty to sign your discharge pass.


6. Secure all instructions for take home medication, follow-up on check-up and health teachings from the nurse-on-duty or our Attending Physician.


7. For CS, NSD: proceed to NICU and present the sign discharge pass to claim your new born baby/babies. Secure further instructions regarding your new born baby care from Pediatric nurse-on-duty and Attending Pediatrician Doctor.


8. Once everything is settled, request from the nurse-on-duty or hospital operator for hospital orderly to assist you with your luggages.


9. Present Discharge Pass to guard-on-duty before exiting the hospital premise.