Perpetual Succor Hospital - History

In the beginning, there was Life.

Dra.Josefina Singson Florendo (+) was a stalwart vanguard of Life's eminence, braving the streets of Manila beyond curfew hours during the Japanese Occupation to reach her patient's homes and fulfill her mission of delivering their babies successfully into this world. It is with the same religious fervor that she and her surgeon husband, Dr. Raymundo T. Macaraeg (+) built this hospital from the ground-up, starting with a 25-bed capacity maternity clinic, and growing it into the 100-bed, full-fledged general hospital it is today.

Founded in 1957, Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternity is the embodiment of a life-long thanksgiving to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor for the successful birth of the founders' only offspring. It was nothing short of a miracle, for aside from the fact that Dr. Pinang was 41 years old at the time, she also had a previous miscarriage. Dr. Pinang prayed the novena over and over during childbirth, guiding her obstetrician who already told her that the baby might not make it. In spite of all these hurdles, their biggest blessing came through, and the couple pledged to extend their blesing to others and made it a lifetime commitment.

Today, after more than half a century after, the pledge lives on in the healing hands of the doctors, nurses and the rest of the medical team; in the steady efforts and support of the Administration and all employees; and the unswerving faith and love of the Management, all working together to uphold a deep appreciation of and sense of responsibility for LIFE..

1957 Foundation Day. The Maternity Clinic was fronting Extremadura Street.
1965 Inaugural of the Annex Building (5-storey) located at F. Cayco Street.
1965-1990 PSHM enjoyed surge of OB patients and continuous influx of Obstetricians with their own Pediatricians from UST, PGH, and FEU.
1986 PSHM opened the Ultrasound Section.
1990s PSHM was featured as the first hospital in the Philippines to offer Advanced Bicarbonate Dialysis Services. This first ever Dialysis Machine was hooked up and demonstrated live on TV broadcast wih the initiative of the machine supplier B-Braun.
1999-2004 Formalization of Human Resource Department, Building Management, and Clinical Departments with Department Chairpersons.
2005 PSHM opened the Heart Station.
2006 PSHM implemented computerization and networking of all departments and services, and BIZBOX Hospital System Software.
2007 PSHM continuously added specialized laboratory services.
2009 PSHM started it's ISO 9001:2008 management system practice with TUV Rheinland, Philippines. PSHM upgraded its laboratory machines to fully automated. PSHM started it's clinical research programs with GSK Pharmaceutical and Novartis Pharmaceutical.
2010 PSHM passed the external audits of both TUV Rheiland for ISO 9001:2008, and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation for Benchbook Standards. PSHM opened its Bacteriology Section and Drug testing Section. PSHM was accredited by ANSAP for "Basic IV Therapy Course Provider".
2013 PSHM BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Unveiling Ceremony.
PSHM opened the Mammography Section.
2015 Ultrasound Grand Launching APLIO-500 w/ Fly Thru Capability.
2016 PSHM Acquires Cutting-Edge Ultrasound Machine APLIO-500.
PSHM Inaugurates Hearing Center.
PSHM was featured & aired at UNTV Serbisyong Kasambahay.
2017 PSHM is now Certified for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

- Did you know that Normal Delivery only cost five pesos (Php 5.00) in 1950s to 1970s in PSHM?

- Did you know that Ceasarian Delivery now only starts around twelve thousand pesos (Php 12,000.00) only using the same technology as other big centers that charges fifty thousand pesos to one hundred thousand pesos?

- Did you know that you can have your cataract operated for only two thousand five hundred pesos (Php 2,500.00) here in PSHM?






Non-PHIC - P22,500 - 24,500

W/PHIC - P18,500 - 20,500


Non-PHIC - P24,500 - 27,500

W/PHIC - P20,500 - 24,500


Non-PHIC - P27,500 - 30,500

W/PHIC - P24,500 - 27,500


Non-PHIC - P30,500 - 34,500

W/PHIC - P27,500 - 30,500




Non-PHIC - P37,000 - 40,000

W/PHIC - P24,000 - 27,000


Non-PHIC - P41,000 - 47,000

W/PHIC - P28,000 - 35,000


Non-PHIC - P48,000 - 50,000

W/PHIC - P36,000 - 38,000


Non-PHIC - P50,000 - 54,000

W/PHIC - P38,000 - 42,000