A vital component of the health delivery system of Perpetual Succor Hospital was inaugurated on October 12th. On that day, the Hospital’s Hearing Center, one or the most advanced in the Philippine hospital system, was formally opened to the public. The importance of the sense of hearing can never be underestimated; yet, is one which is commonly overlooked. Failure to detect hearing disability or impartment if frequently misjudge as a learning disability among the young and can lead to serious erosion of self-respect as he child grows and matures. The sense of hearing is vital to the daily lives of young and old alike. Full sensory capability is usually required for such mundane activities as driving, work and walking through traffic. The enjoyment of sounds through music is one of life’s greatest pleasures that need to be enjoyed through a well-functioning sense of hearing. To diagnose and combat such auditory ailments, real and potential, Perpetual Succor Hospital has opened its Hearing Center. Following through its reputation as a leading maternity, obstetrics and gynecology health institution, Perpetual Succor Hospital purchased multi-million peso, leading edge multi-function auditory testing machine caple of the following functions: Pure tone audiometry Tympanometry Acoustic reflex Auditory BrainstemResponse Auditory Steady State Response Reflex Testing Play Audiometry-children Hearing Aid setting and fitting Screening audiometry The Hearing Center is led by Dr. Elias Reala, one of the Philippines youngest experts on Otolaryngiology and auditory health, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Auidiology, He as ably assisted by 2 health workers in managing and operating one of the Philippines’s finest equipment to aid in the diagnosis of auditory conditions. In line with value philosophy of Perpetual Succor Hospital, the service packages quick, efficient and affordable to the community and the mariners and overseas workers the Perpetual Succor has serve over 50 years. The AA222 is the most comprehensive combination of middle ear analyzer and diagnostic audiometer available. AA222 combines all of the diagnostic middle ear analyzer test found on the AT235 and most of the features available on our popular AD629 diagnostic audiometer. This makes the AA222 ideal for the new clinic, for travelling to alternative locations, and for clinical situations where space is at a premium. The eclipse Design to Meet Your Every Need A modern and versatile platform, deigned to fit seamlessly into your everyday workflow and to offer complete reliability and perfect results. Eclipse – Making Complicated Things Easy! Every eclipse software module is developed based on proven technologies and feedback from users and audiology experts around the world. Features are developed in sync with changing needs and contain the latest technologies making the Eclipse the future-safe investment.