Perpetual Succor Hospital - Packages - Pre-Employment

Perpetual Succor Hospital knows that the hiring of healthy, motivated and productive employees is critical to your operations. That is why we carefully examine specimens and deliver accurate and unprejudiced results to your personnel office.


Chest X-Ray - Examination of the lungs


Purpose: To detect if a person has any lung pathology like pulmonary tuberculosis or PTB.


Eye Examination - Examination of the Eye


Purpose: To detect if a person has any eye problem like cataract or visual problems.


Physical Examination - Examination of the physical body


Purpose: To detect if a person has any physical abnormality, skin ailments, or other problems that may affect the work place.


Laboratory test:


CBC - Complete Blood Count


Purpose: To know if a person has infection, anemia or blood abnormality.


Fecalysis - Stool examination


Purpose: To detect if a person has parasite like amoeba.


Urinalysis - Examination of urine


Purpose: To detect urinary tract infection or kidney infection.


Optional: (Additional price)


ECG - Examination of the heart


Purpose: To detect any heart ailment.




Optional: (Additional price)


Note: Other packages may be created to fit your needs. Please contact the Hospital Administration Assistant Ms. Grace Bejar for more details.





VOLUNTEER NURSES PACKAGE (Includes Chest X-ray,Drug test,Stool Exam,Urinalysis,Complete Blood Count,and Medical Certificate)



Contact Administration Office and look for Mrs.Grace Bejar for details