Promoting continuous quality assurance and productivity within the company are key components that we all strive to achieve. Ensuring continuity means keeping employees healthy and productive. That is why Perpetual Succor Hospital will always be around to continuously promote quality health and provide unbiased professional opinions about the state of health of your employees. This package includes the mobile van (if Conditions for Mobile van are met), nurse/midwife, medical technologist, x-ray technician and the following:


Chest X-Ray - Examination of the lungs


Purpose: To detect if a person has any lung pathology like pulmonary tuberculosis or PTB.


Eye Examination - Examination of the Eye


Purpose: To detect if a person has any eye problem like cataract or visual problems.


Physical Examination - Examination of the physical body


Purpose: To detect if a person has any physical abnormality, skin ailments, or other problems that may affect the work place.


Laboratory test:


CBC - Complete Blood Count


Purpose: To know if a person has infection, anemia or blood abnormality.


Fecalysis - Stool examination


Purpose: To detect if a person has parasite like amoeba.


Urinalysis - Examination of urine


Purpose: To detect urinary tract infection or kidney infection.


Optional: (Additional price)


ECG - Examination of the heart


Purpose: To detect any heart ailment.


Note: Other packages may be created to fit your needs. Please contact the Hospital Administration Assistant Ms. Grace Bejar for more details.