The Dietary Department at PSHM oversees food and meal preparation for patients in the hospital. Registered dietitians contribute to the patient's treatment plan by recommending which hospital diet to prescribe. The meals are balanced and personalized with regard to patient preferences and intolerances/allergies. Registered dietitians may instruct hospitalized patients on diet and monitor the effectiveness of the nutrition care plan. Patients discharged from the hospital may receive follow-up diet consultation on an outpatient basis.


Nutrition Consultation


In recent years, we have seen a growing awareness of the important role that nutrition plays in helping to prevent and heal disease, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. At PSHM, our staff includes dietary and nutrition counselor who can help patients design healthy eating plans tailored for their specific health needs and lifestyles. We also offer educational programs for the community, to help non-patients stay healthy by making wise food choices.




The Dietary Department aims to serve, maintain or enhance the health of the patients by providing them with high quality and nutritious food through and efficient service at minimum cost.




The Dietary is located at the Ground Floor beside Canteen near hospital car park.




Dietary is open from 5am to 8pm daily






Aimed at providing a high quality nutritional care which includes diet prescription interpretation, implementation of diet order, blenderized food for patient on naso-gastric feeding.




Aimed at the fulfillment of the dietary services commitment to the nutrition education of the patients as well as the hospital personnel through dietary counseling and meal plan on normal and clinical nutrition.