Our intensive care unit provides highly skilled nursing for critically ill patients. Using advanced patient monitoring technology and sophisticated medical equipment, we provide continuous, comprehensive care for patients with serious conditions, including those recovering from heart attacks, surgery, stroke, severe accidents or complex illnesses.

To meet each patients unique needs, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach that involves doctors, specially trained nurses, dieticians, and pharmacists. Our team is dedicated to providing expert healthcare and to treating patients with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Special monitoring equipment keeps our nurses constantly informed about each patients vital signs and alerts the staff to any changes in a patients condition.

ICU Guidelines

The ICU is designed to provide ongoing, specialized care by trained personnel. Patients are admitted to the ICU because of monitoring and support offered only in a critical care unit. It is our goal to have our nurses available to address patient care needs. The ICU guidelines are provided to enable our nurses to achieve this goal. We request that all visitors abide by these guidelines.

Various monitors and equipment may be used to care for your family member. Most often the alarms you hear are merely signals that assist the intensive care nurses in delivering care. Please do not try to adjust the equipment yourself.

Visitor Information

Visiting hours are individualized per patient and physician/nurse discretion. Please consult with your doctor for the appropriate visiting hours of your patient. Use of Cellular phone in the area is strictly prohibited.

Because of the complex care and rest needed for critical care patients, only three visitors are allowed at the bedside. To protect patients as well as children, no one under the age of 12 is allowed to visit ICU patients. Special considerations are given under certain circumstances.

To provide the best possible care to the patient, visitors are asked to leave the unit when patients are being admitted, during critical situations or when certain procedures are being performed. The unit may be closed to visitors at any time due to emergency situations.

Patient Liaison

In order for the ICU staff to maintain communication with those concerned and provide the best possible care, we do require that a patient liaison be designated by the family. This person will be responsible for keeping other loved ones updated on the patients condition. Please ask the designated patient liaison any questions you have regarding a patients condition. Please inform the primary nurse of your designation as patient liaison.

Personal Belongings

Due to limited space, we ask that a minimal amount of belongings be brought into the ICU. Cards and notes are welcome gifts for ICU patients. To reduce the risk of infection, please do not send (or bring) flowers or food.

Taking Care of Yourself

Having a loved one in the ICU can be a difficult and stressful time. It is important for you to take care of yourself by eating meals and getting rest. Therefore, we encourage you to return home for the night if possible.